Not Network Marketing

Hey all!

I have been thinking. Last week we were visiting friends, and they asked me what I was doing nowadays. What was this ASEA-stuff that I had on my t-shirt and baseball cap?

I realized that I don´t have a standard answer to that question. Even though I have been in ASEA for almost 3 years, and have been successful. If I don´t have the answer, how can I expect the people in my team to have one?

I hear others, including myself, start talking about Network Marketing, or MLM, when we explain what it is we do. Why do we do that? That´s not ASEA. That´s the marketing model. Nothing else.

I mean, if you work at the supermarket and someone ask you what you do, do you answer, “I am working in the retail business of groceries, and their marketing model is to buy huge stock of everyday products, which we display and sell to regular consumers daily, and I get a monthly salary for being in the store 8 hours, 5 days a week”? No, you say “I work at the supermarket”.

So, what should we say? Well, the industry of Network Marketing contains around 3000 different companies, and I can´t speak for every one of them of course. I can only talk about ASEA, and in my case, it is simple:

“I am using breakthrough products that helps my body stay healthy, and I teach others to do the same”.

That´s it. It is a business opportunity, but there is also a purpose. I can help others with these life-changing products and technology, and for the first time in my business career it starts with the product and the purpose. Not the money.

“Every dollar earned in ASEA, is more than a dollar, it also represents someone’s improved health situation”, a quote from my friend Alan Noble.

Think about it. Compare it with what you are doing today, or what people you know are doing today. As usual I am not judging others, but most people go to work, or run their small businesses. But why?

What is the PURPOSE? Is it just to pay the bills? Or is there something bigger? If so, what is that? I am hearing more and more people who feel they don´t have a meaning in their daily life. Well, here´s your chance to change that. There is a better way. It is different, but better.

You´ve got one life, so do it all!


Inspired by others, inspiring others. A gift is not a gift until you share it. Ok, so here it is. No censorship. No fake it til I make it. True story, straight from the heart. My name is Mathias Audell Ringblom. I live in the countryside just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Charlott and our two boys, Edvin and Melker, 8 and 11 years old. I have been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. Now, 44 years old, the pieces have started to fall into place. During my journey there has been ups and downs, and I have received alot of help along the way, especially through the downs, from inspirational websites, webinars, live events, books and more. Now it is time to pay it forward. I want to share my story, both historically, and in real time. Life. Maybe you will be inspired. Maybe you will inspire me. Hopefully we´ll move forward together on a better path. All the best, Mathias

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  1. Tack, jag använder din mening om vad vi gör , nu .

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  2. Bra där Conny! 🙂


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