Change Challenge

Now it´s time to start making some changes. Not just talk about it, but actually DO.

One of my biggest inspirations is a great speaker and writer, Kjell Enhager. He is a Swedish lifestyle/mental coach who has been working with multiple sports stars and corporate leaders around the world for many years.

I have read his books, listened to his pod casts and I have been to some of his events. I have been able to use his material to make changes and progress in my life.

Note: I have made the changes. What I mean by that is that YOU need to make the changes you want or need. No one else will do them for you. You will hear more about Kjell in future posts.

Since you found this blog, and reading this text, you are probably looking for something new in life. Change. You are probably also following other sites, blogs and fan pages with a lot of inspirational content. My question to you:

Are you getting anything out of it in real life? From my experience, most people don´t.

I see a lot of people who post and share pics, videos, quotes and other inspirational stuff, but there is no action. It is easy to walk around and “feel” inspired, it is a start for sure, but it will not lead to any actual change. Again, to have change, you must DO.

Ok, you might think, but WHAT should I DO?

That´s a good question, and that´s where most people get stuck. They have a wish for change, and they are aware that they should do something new, but they choose to stay in the comfort zone and life goes on. Business as usual. I say CHOOSE because we all have a choice. It may be scary, it may be risky, but we all have that choice.

If your wish for change is just a wish, you will never have the change. You must DO the change.

So, stop blaming others, and other things, for your lack of action. “If I only had more time”, “If I only had more money”, “When the kids are older I will start…”, “I am too old”, “I don´t have the skills”, “I have a secure income”, “The timing isn’t right”, and so on.

What´s your excuse?

Simple Steps

Here I started to write detailed examples of what kind of changes people usually make to turn their life around, and I also served a proven tool for you to use, but I decided to save that for another post. If we go for the big solution directly, there´s a great risk that you won´t follow through. Or even get started. The change would be too big, and you would be stuck where you are.

Instead I want to give you a simple tool to get you started on your path to change:

Become consciously aware of your actions.

In our daily life, we are on autopilot. We have our routines from the moment we wake up, until we go to sleep at night.

Unconsciously we wander through the days, eating the same breakfast, brushing our teeth, taking the same route to work, park in the same spot or sit in the same subway cart, checking the news, browsing through social media, talking to the same people at work, having lunch at the same restaurant at the same time as yesterday, longing for the work-day to end, taking the same route home, dinner as usual, some TV, off to bed. Guess what happens tomorrow? What would your days look like in 5 years if you keep doing what you do?

I don´t know anyone who WANTS to live like this. Yet, almost everyone does. So, let´s make some change.

The small changes count – Count your small changes

Is this scary? Don´t worry, this is simple. We make small, conscious, changes to break the daily patterns to begin with. Maybe you have heard of the Butterfly Effect? A marginal change now, will lead to huge changes in the future.

Just by being conscious about your current routines is a step in the right direction. Actually changing the routines will be your next task. And we are talking small things here:

Sleep on the other side of the bed. Take an alternative route to work, even if it takes you a few extra minutes. Park your car in a different spot than usual. Sit at a different chair than usual when you eat. You get the picture, break the habits.

Imagine the effects on your future, and other peoples future as well, when you take an alternative route to work for example. You will see and interact with totally different vehicles and people. You will arrive at a different time, which will lead to changes in the life of all people around you, not only yours. Maybe you bump into someone accidently, and this person drops something on the ground and you stop to pick it up. That would not have happened if you were on your regular route. Will that person talk about that event at work, at home? If so, the life of that co-worker or family member will have been changed as well, etcetera. As you can see, we can go on forever. Butterfly Effect.

Ok, so what good will these changes lead to for me, you might ask? You will see.

The importance here are two things: Your conscious thinking, and the actual change in your daily routines. By doing this task you will start seeing the world, and your part in it, in a new and unique way. It will open your eyes and your mind to bigger decisions and more significant changes in the future. You will stretch your comfort zone and your future big leaps will feel small.

Change Challenge

As you know by now, I am talking a lot about doing. I don´t want you to just read and understand, I want you to be inspired to practice what you learn.

So, starting today, consciously pick out 3 things that you are going to do differently than usual. Every morning you pick 3 new things, and do that for 30 consecutive days, just like we do with the Gratitude Challenge. What will happen for you? I don´t know, you tell me in 30 days from now.

It just crossed my mind while writing this. What effects does me writing this blog have on my own, and your, future? Huge effects of course. If I did not start L.A.M.A.R. Inspire, I would be spending my time somewhere else right now. And you would not be reading this…

Scary? Yes, a little bit. But change is scary sometimes. Deal with it.

Do It All!


Inspired by others, inspiring others. A gift is not a gift until you share it. Ok, so here it is. No censorship. No fake it til I make it. True story, straight from the heart. My name is Mathias Audell Ringblom. I live in the countryside just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Charlott and our two boys, Edvin and Melker, 8 and 11 years old. I have been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. Now, 44 years old, the pieces have started to fall into place. During my journey there has been ups and downs, and I have received alot of help along the way, especially through the downs, from inspirational websites, webinars, live events, books and more. Now it is time to pay it forward. I want to share my story, both historically, and in real time. Life. Maybe you will be inspired. Maybe you will inspire me. Hopefully we´ll move forward together on a better path. All the best, Mathias

1 comment on “Change Challenge

  1. Yvonne Ringblom

    Everything you write is true,everything you write is inspiring,i love it and Will try to live up to it ❤️


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