The Turning Point

Hey everyone!

It took me some time to get ready to post this. I became afraid. I started to regret my promise of honesty och transparency 😊. This is really personal, and there are alot of feelings attached to it, and my mind put me right back into the box. The comfort zone. The safe place where I know what to expect and what will happen.

It is often scary on the outside of the box, and it is way to easy to jump back in when you get uncomfortable. I will be coming back to that topic in future posts, maybe even the next one. We´ll see. Are you aware of your box and comfort zone? What does your life look like outside of the box?

Anyway, here we go. Alot of things changed for me in March 2004. I attended an Anthony Robbins Event in London, and ever since I have been conciously working on myself. Reading books, being aware of the Law Of Attraction, and surrounding myself with positive people. Some negative ones are still around, but that´s ok since I love them anyway (but I don´t let them affect my mood or actions). You might hear from other coaches that you should just get rid of any negative people in your surroundings in order to become successful and happy. Period.

I don´t believe in that. That is blaming our own problems on others. The minute we stop blaming others for bad stuff happening to us, we will start getting what we want. When you take full responibility for your own actions, that´s when you´ll find peace in your life.

During 2012-2014 I hit rock bottom financially, I was at my lowest of lows after a few good years. I kept working on myself every second of every day, and I kept my facade shining best I could. Even at home, which was the hardest part. Act as if. But when alone in the car after dropping the boys at day care and school, I broke into tears. More or less every day for a while. My sleep quality was bad, which of course affected my daily energy, and the negative wheel was spinning faster and faster.

How could I stop this bad spin? I decided to work my way out of this bad situation, and started a new company. A good idea is a good idea, I have always said. Positive, enthusiastic, a good product, a good business plan and a great friend as my partner. All set. Now I was going to succeed big time (again)! And the company was taking off ok. But it takes time. It always does. There are challenges. There is no quick fix. Believe me.

For the first time ever, I began doubting myself. My energy was drained, my self confidence was gone, and I was lost. What was I supposed to do now? Get a regular job to start paying off the debt I had built up?

That had never even been an option in my world. Working for someone elses dream? Someone elses time schedule? Someone elses limits? No thank you. But there I was, actually considering that as an option. Lowest of lows.

Now, I know a few people who might say, ”there are those who would do anything for a job, who are you to judge?”. I am not judging other people, I am judging myself. It is just not for me. But I think there are many like me out there, who just didn´t dare to take the step out of the rat-race even if they wanted to. They stay in the box.

At that point two things happened. Church visit and opening up to my best friend.

I am not a religious person, but for some reason I suddenly stopped at the local church, which I had passed multiple times every day for years without stopping, but this time I went inside. I didn´t know what I was looking for, but I needed something new. I needed to move outside of my box. Maybe there was something there? I was curious and had nothing to lose. What happened? Nothing.

A few days later I opened up to my best friend (after a few beers). I burst into tears, I told him I was about to give up. I had lost it. He was supportive of course, trying to get me going, proposing other options. Jobs. What happened? Nothing.

But it did. Something happened. I did not become religious, I did not have any revelations (I was hoping for one though, I am always open for change). My friend did not give me the recipe (but his encouraging words meant alot of course, thanks mate, you know who you are). I kept going as usual, thinking that ”soon it will happen”. Soon the big break will come. Just a few more months. But I was tired of doing that. Working for maybes.

It is just now, 3 years later, i realize that after those two events things changed. I still don´t know if it had anything to do with those two particular events, but timewise they fit.

Because just days after, I was on facebook and saw a post of a product and lifestyle opportunity that looked too good to be true. And that intrigued me. Just because something looks to good to be true, it doesn´t mean it is. That much I have learned through the years. I know that most people, and also the ”old truth”, says the opposite, but that is crazy in my world. I may be naive by nature, but I never judge anyone or anything before they prove themselves good or bad, right or wrong.

Also I thought, ”I hope this is network marketing”. Word of mouth, working from home. Because I could not see myself start up yet another traditional company at this point. I was struggling with the one I had already.

I did not want to spend my days in a regular store, or travelling around selling to other stores. That´s considered a job in my world, even if I would be owning the business. The business would also be owning me. My time, my money and my freedom. I have a family I want to spend time with. I want to be there for the boys as much as possible in their young years, and with that I have been really successful so far. I am very proud to have achieved that goal.

At the same time I want to build the foundation of my lifestyle, build a legacy and making money during the journey. That´s almost impossible with a regular business or a job. So I needed something else. A different tool.

10 years earlier I had been pretty successful in a network marketing company, but the company disappeared over night, and I had more or less all my friends and family involved. Everyone lost. At that point I said ”never again”.

And yet, here I was hoping it would be network marketing. Never again turned into again. Why? It is simple. IF you find the right company, with the right products and the right people behind it, it is a better way. Better than a job, better than a traditional business. The tool to build the lifestyle you want.

Work when it suits you, with the people of your choice, low start-up cost, build it part-time until it is big enough to go full time, have the ability to help others do the same, and most important of all, create a passive, massive, income while helping others. Build a legacy that you can leave to your children, spouse or other person or charity of your choice.

Create a life that you don´t need a vacation from. Create a lifestyle that you don´t want to retire from.

So what about my turning point and the religious beliefs? I believe we are all gods. I believe in myself. I believe in the Law Of Attraction. I can create anything I can think. Both bad and good things. So be careful what you think and wish for. It will come true if you want it bad enough.

You´ve got one life, so do it all!


P.s. As usual I am learning as I go along, and today I found out how to place the ”Follow-button” on the website. Thanks Caroline for pointing it out to me.

Inspired by others, inspiring others. A gift is not a gift until you share it. Ok, so here it is. No censorship. No fake it til I make it. True story, straight from the heart. My name is Mathias Audell Ringblom. I live in the countryside just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Charlott and our two boys, Edvin and Melker, 8 and 11 years old. I have been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. Now, 44 years old, the pieces have started to fall into place. During my journey there has been ups and downs, and I have received alot of help along the way, especially through the downs, from inspirational websites, webinars, live events, books and more. Now it is time to pay it forward. I want to share my story, both historically, and in real time. Life. Maybe you will be inspired. Maybe you will inspire me. Hopefully we´ll move forward together on a better path. All the best, Mathias

1 comment on “The Turning Point

  1. Yvonne Ringblom

    My turningpoint seems to be far away for the moment,BUT inspired by you my son,I will sure work on it!
    Your mom❤️


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